[REVIEW] Rose – By Rami Ungar

Waking in a greenhouse with no memories from the last few years isn’t the strangest thing to happen to Rose. She also discovers her skin has turned green, buds have sprouted, and roots now reach from her body. A mysterious young man introduces himself as her boyfriend, Paris, and Rose has no choice but to trust him.

It takes a skilled author to make a single setting interesting and terrifying, and Ungar does it successfully here, with most of the novel set in Paris’ apartment, as Rose comes to terms with her new form, and faces the results of the dark magic used to transform her. The tension levels remain high, each scene building upon the last, keeping the reader completely – no pun intended – rooted to Rose’s story, engaged throughout. 

The only slight downfall was the ending, feeling like it went on maybe a little too long, but the novel is no less enjoyable for that. A frightening, high-tension read, one I would definitely recommend to any horror fantasy fans. ~ by Elle Turpitt


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